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Articles of Interest : About Us
Posted by Webmaster on Sep 09, 2014 (213 reads)

Christian ESL is an evangelical Bible believing ministry. Our aim is to provide an internet site where Christians, schools, and ministries, can connect. We hope to promote the Gospel via teaching English.
We agree doctrinally with such groups as Intervarsity, Billy Graham's Evangelistic Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Young Life, Evangelism Explosion, Assemblies of God, Southern Baptist, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, Quakers, and many more.

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Ministry and Teaching Tools : Downloadable, Reproducible, and Mobile
Posted by Webmaster on Feb 01, 2009 (2709 reads)

Don't want to carry books on the plane?
Try these downloadable tools for teaching and ministry.
Discipleship 1
Discipleship 2 (Click on Individual Training Guide)
Teaching English to Chinese
Easy English
Evangelism Tracks in Many Languages

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Articles of Interest : 2 for 2 Challenge
Posted by Webmaster on Jan 17, 2009 (3247 reads)

The 2 for 2 challenge.

Go for 2 years and make 2 disciples. Here's how.

Step 1: Cast the vision of doing missions by teaching English in your local church. Form a team who will pray for you, help you during the process, and keep in touch with you while you are overseas. You can use the TESOL Missions sermon we provide in the Pastor's Corner. By getting a job you won't have to raise support.

Step 2: Form a team of 2 or more and find a job in our job bank or any other resource like (or go through a missions agency).

Step 3: As you teach English make disciples. Go 2 years and make 2 disciples. We have provided the discipleship and teaching tools you will need in our downloadable ebook.

Feel free to reproduce this page.
Christian ESL
Christians Teaching English as a second language and Missions

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Ministry and Teaching Tools : Accountability in a Page
Posted by Webmaster on Jan 16, 2009 (5053 reads)

Accountability Groups

In the 1700s, John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement used small groups to help keep people on the pilgrim's path. During the time of the great revivals in America, John was called a "Methodist" because he had a method to his madness. John Wesley encouraged everyone to get involved in an accountability group where they would ask each other five questions. These accountability groups brought stability to the movement even after the revival meetings ended. This idea came from John Wesley's past. When he was only 26 years old at England's Universities his brother and others started "Holy Clubs." These clubs included a time of accountability and 5 questions that looked something like this: [Thanks to]

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Articles of Interest : ESL Defined
Posted by Webmaster on Sep 17, 2008 (3053 reads)

The terms are often confusing but here is the basic idea:

TESOL - Teaching English to speakers of other languages.
ESL - English as a second language.
TESL - Teaching English as a second language.
EFL - English as a foreign language.
TEFL - Teaching English as a foreign language.
ELT - English language teaching.

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Pastor's Corner : Ebook Sample: How to Give a Sermon In a Page
Posted by Webmaster on Sep 17, 2008 (3618 reads)

Sample of Material in Our "Secrets of ESL" ebook


I. Pick a topic or a section of Scripture.
II. Write a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should look like this, “we can all be healthier by following these 3 steps.” Or, “we should all be happy about attending church for these 3 reasons.” Your thesis statement should use the words “we can” or “we should.”
III. Your 3 steps, ways, or reasons, etc. are your key words. If you use the word “steps” then all three points must be steps. If you use the word ways, your three points must all be ways.
IV. For each point you should have 3 parts: an Explanation, Illustration, and Application. Explain the meaning of your point by doing your research. Use a story to make your sermon interesting; stories abound. Apply it to their lives; give them something specific to do on Monday.

Read more in our "Secrets of ESL ebook". Download on the front page.

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Articles of Interest : Temptation on the Field
Posted by Webmaster on Sep 17, 2008 (3280 reads)

Because of the temptation that comes when you are separated from your source of fellowship we suggest that you go in twos as the disciples did. In some countries prostitution may be illegal but rarely prosecuted. Poverty is usually the cause of such behavior and is abuse of the less fortunate. With out holiness we cannot be an example for Christ. Besides, God offers the BEST LIFE for us when we live for our designer. If you go with a missions organization stay connected to those on your team. If you take a job with a Christian school find someone to be accountable to. Check out our article on accountability in the ministry and teaching tools area. If you go on a mission and take a job at a secular school we suggest you go in twos and stay vulnerable with your local church that sent you.

Randy Alcorn has put together a list of personal reminders why we should avoid sexual immorality at home and on the field. We have pasted this article on our site and suggest you check out his website for more great reads at and

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Articles of Interest : ESL Missions
Posted by Webmaster on Sep 17, 2008 (3550 reads)

Today, thousands of people, native English speakers, from America, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are teaching English overseas as missions. They are having a great adventure and making money at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fill those jobs with Christians? Christians who were willing to go for a summer, a year, two years, or more, and share the gospel by working in another culture. The good news is it is so easy to do; and you don’t even have to raise support; nor do you need a middleman to get you there. All you need is a support team from your local Church. If you absorb the information on this website you will be able to make it to the mission field with relative ease. You will gain access to a comprehensive Christian perspective on teaching English overseas. The information includes job listings, missions training material, teaching English ideas, information about certificates, insights on how to find jobs, missions statistics, travel information, even evangelism tools.

Feel free to reproduce this page.
Christian ESL
Missions via ESL

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Jobs for English Teachers : Jobs in a Page
Posted by Webmaster on Sep 17, 2008 (2705 reads)

Jobs in a Page
Salary The highest paying and most readily available TESL jobs are in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea around $2,000 a month more or less. The Middle East has the highest paying jobs for those with a Masters Degree, often in TESOL, or many years of experience and a lot of courage. China, Indonesia, Thailand, Eastern Europe, Russia, and former Russian nations pay less around $500-$800. In those countries you may make enough to live on while you are there, but you will not be able to save or pay off loans. Other Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, and Myanmar are also not able to pay as much, but they have a great need for the gospel; some have a less than 3% percent Christian population. Africa and Central and South America pay little for English training. But, please, if you feel called to these countries where the income is less, don't forget, you can supplement your income with support raising, or live like a local.

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